Purified Packaged Ice

Purified Ice Products (All of our ice is filtered via Reverse Osmosis)

The absolute BEST Ice Products in Illinois and Indiana, Three Penguins has it all.  Snow Ice, Crushed Ice, Cubed Ice, Cocktail Ice, Dry Ice.   You name it, we have it! 

Ice Machine - Ice Cubes


Ensure that you only give your customers ice of the highest quality. Our ice is made out of water purified through Reverse Osmosis. This process removes impurities from the water, ensuring that all of our ice cubes are odorless, tasteless, and crystal clear. Even more, our ice is lab tested on a routine basis to ensure consumer safety.

When you work with us, you decide the size and quantity of your order. We have the ability to transport a bulk order of almost any size or amount, from a cooler to a quantity that fits in a semi-trailer. Our ice bags are heat sealed and robotically stacked, as well as palletized and shrink-wrapped, to ensure our products stay fresh.

Whether you need block ice or our vastly popular 10-pound bags of ice cubes, we provide our ice at competitive prices.  Available products include:

   •    5-Pound Bag of Cubes
   •  10-Pound Bag of Cubes
   •  20-Pound Bag of Cubes
   •  30-Pound Bag of Cubes

   •  40-Pound Bag of Cubes
   •  Dry Ice (Sold by the Pound)
   •  Insulated Coolers (Large & Small Sizes)


Contact us to learn more about our affordable ice cubes and crushed ice.